Bluesky Dream Automotive Dust Buster Wet/Dry Hand Vacuum,12-volt Review

Bluesky Dream Automotive Dust Buster Wet/Dry HandHeld Car Vacuum,12-volt Reviews

If you be likely to eat in your car a lot of even just have several passengers in your car, chances are that it is bound to get dirty very quickly. Fortunately, if you want to save money, you can invest in car vacuum cleaner that will help keep it clean on the inside. In this regard an amazing car vacuum cleaner is Bluesky Dream Automotive Dust Buster Wet/Dry Hand Vacuum,12-volt.Bluesky Dream Automotive Dust Buster Wet/Dry Hand Vacuum

Bluesky Dream Automotive Dust Buster Wet/Dry Hand Vacuum,12-volt, which means suction power stays stronger for longer. It can also suck a lot of water, if a beverage or other liquids spilled in the car; please do not worry about it! This product has negligible noise but strong power.  Insert the 12V cigarette lighter power supply can be used, power wires about 4.5 meters to facilitate which can clean every corner of the car.

This car vacuum cleaner can absorb water, sprinkle water or beverages in the car can be easily removed. The DC 12V power plug into a car cigarette lighter. Not only can suck the dust, it can leak or absorb liquid, transparent removable front cover wet and dry too, with a special filter, convenient regular cleaning with transparent storage warehouse, the adsorbed water can be stored with a special corner adsorption flat head, which can absorb dust and strong suction corner.Bluesky Dream Automotive Dust Buster Wet/Dry Hand Vacuum

You can switch the vacuum on or off with ease thanks to the dedicated fingertip control at the top of the unit. The brush tool on this vacuum can clip into the underside of the vacuum for easy storage, and you can store the entire vacuum and its accessories in the special bag until you are ready to use them.

Features and specifications:

  • Long, slim nozzle with wide mouth puts convenient pick-up power where you need it.
  • 10 Foot Cable reaches all areas of the car, including the trunk.
  • 12V DC adapter fits into cigarette lighter.
  • Products own powerful suction,which are used on wet and dry place,it also own removable dust storage tank, and with a long straw, which is used to remove the interior angle and gap dust dirt.
  • The product has excellent quality and convenience that you would expect, it could be removable wash the filter, the cleaner and sustainable maximize cleaning performance.

**Customer Reviews and Scores**

“This was a great purchase for me. We have dogs and grandkids and our vehicles can get pretty messy. It works great! !! I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.”

“Great purchased, i bought this for my dad and he’s really happy with it. It cleans our car really good. The suction is good and the length of the cord is just enough to reach every part of our car. And it’s very handy so i know i made a great choice. If anything happens to it i’ll update you”

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We found 12 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the 4.7 stars, out of possible 5 on an average.

The customer reviews on Amazon are mostly positive overall, but there were a very few negligible points came. One customer said, “it did gather a fair amount of dirt”

However, nobody else seems paid the same experienced or difficulties as well, so perhaps it’s not a widespread problem.


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